Dr. Jones is the Associate Director of the School of Pharmacy Mass Spectrometry Center at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.


Mass Spectrometry (MS) Center. (Pharmacy Hall 706N, 710N, 714N, 716N, 410N, 143S) The MS Center is located on the seventh floor of Pharmacy Hall North (706N, 710N, 714N, 716N) with additional laboratory space on the fourth and first floor of Pharmacy Hall (410N and 143S). The MS Center is equipped with 17 mass spectrometers covering the spectrum of biological mass spectrometry method development and applications.

JWJones Lab (Primary Instrumentation)

MALDI Platforms

  • Bruker UltrafleXtreme (UTX) TOF/TOF  
  • Bruker SolariX FT-ICR (12 T)

ESI Platforms

  • Waters SYNAPT G2S (QTOF with traveling wave ion mobility)
  • Agilent 6560 (drift tube ion mobility coupled to QTOF)
  • Thermo TSQ Altis (Tandem Quadrupole)


  • Advion NanoMate (brackets for 6560, G2S, and Solarix)


  • Waters UPLC coupled to a SunCollect robotic spotter/fraction collector
  • Waters UPLC coupled to SYNAPT G2S
  • Agilent Infinity 1290 UHPLC coupled to 6560
  • Thermo Ultimate3000 UHPLC coupled to Altis