Dr. Yihua Bruce Yu is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Director of the Bio- & Nano-Technology Center.

Bruce Yu, PhDAbout Dr. Yu:

Dr. Yu received a B.S. in Biochemistry from Peking University and Ph.D. in Biophysics from Johns Hopkins University.  His postdoctoral training was in NMR spectroscopy at SUNY Buffalo and peptide chemistry at the University of Alberta.  Dr. Yu received the Kimmel Scholar Award for his work on imaging agent development in 2004 and the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists for Engineers for his work on biomaterials in 2005.  He holds several issued patents for dendrimer synthesis, biomaterials engineering and noninvasive analytical technologies.

Research Overview:

In his independent research career, at the at the University of Utah and at the University of Maryland, Dr. Yu has worked on developing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) agents, and on biomaterials engineering.  In the imaging area, the focus was to synthesize dendrimer imaging agents for multi-color F-19 MRI and advanced MRI technology to evaluate the mechanical properties of soft materials and biological tissues.  In biomaterials engineering, he explored the link between molecular chirality and material mechanical properties, exploiting chirality to create biomaterials with novel mechanical properties for cell growth and differentiation.  Current research in the Yu Lab involves regulatory science for biologics and nano-drugs.  Particularly, nondestructive analytical technologies are being developed for pharmaceutical solutions of drug substances and drug products and for product inspection, using a variety of physicochemical techniques.

Contact Information:

Yihua Bruce Yu, Ph.D.
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
20 Penn Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
E-mail: byu@rx.umaryland.edu