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Recent News

September 2022: Undergraduate student Zoe Wuyst joins us for 9 months from Cardiff University (UK)!

July 2022: The lab receives a grant from The Maryland Moonshot Initiative to develop new therapeutics for pediatric cancers.

September 2021: Rotation student Brandon Lowe officially joins our lab!

June 2021: The lab receives an R21 NIH grant from the National Institutes of Cancer on boosting the efficacy of the FDA-approved drug venetoclax in resistant patients.

September 2020: Rotation student Christopher (Chris) Goodis officially joins our lab!

September 2019: Rotation student Alexandira (Alex) Chan officially joins our lab!

September 2016: Rotation student Ivie Conlon officially joins our lab!

September 2015: Undergraduate students Sam Bosely and Danny Van Eker join us for 9 months from Cardiff University (UK)!

September 2015PharmD student Kelly Moore begins a five-week rotation with us.

September 2015: Rotation student Brandon Drennen officially joins our lab! Welcome!

August 2015: The group is awarded a collaborative U54 (NIH) grant on our work on the oncoprotein c-Myc!

July 2015: Lee wins a Graduate Student Research Award to present at this Fall’s American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting!

May 2015: Maryanna is awarded an American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Pre-Doctoral Fellowship for 2015/2016!

September 2014: Rotation student Jacob Scheenstra joins the lab.

September 2014: Post-doc Mithun Raje joins the lab from Johns Hopkins University! Welcome!

June 2014: The lab receives a Maryland Industrial Partnership Scheme award for our work with ConverGene on novel BRD4 inhibitors.

May 2014: Jerry officially graduates from the University of Maryland, Baltimore! Congratulations, Dr. Jeremy Yap, the Fletcher Group’s first PhD student!

Older News

July 2012: Jerry has been awarded the prestigious ACS Pre-Doctoral Medicinal Chemistry Fellowship! This is an outstanding achievement, and we are incredibly proud of him! http://www.oea.umaryland.edu/communications/news/?ViewStatus=FullArticle&articleDetail=18835

July 2012: Jay’s paper is accepted in Tetrahedron Letters, entitled: “One-pot synthesis of 2,1-benzisoxazoles (anthranils) by a stannous chloride-mediated tandem reduction–heterocyclization of 2-nitroacylbenzenes under neutral conditions.” Congratulations!

July 2012: Kwan-Young’s paper is accepted in Medicinal and Chemical Communications, entitled: “Fine-tuning the chemo- and regioselectivities of the alkylation of 1,4-benzodiazepines: Further applications of the Mitsunobu reaction.” Congratulations!

June 2012: The lab is awarded a University of Maryland Research and Innovation Seed Grant for work on the development of allosteric inhibitors of HIV-1 protease.

June 2012: Summer interns join the Fletcher Lab: Robert Gharavi, PharmD student (UMB); Caryn Gordon, BS chemistry student (UMCP) and Emori Williams, high school student (Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy). Welcome all!

May 2012: Jerry is awarded a prestigious AFPE pre-doctoral fellowship. Congratulations!

April 2012: Christian Lee from the University of Maryland PharmD program conducts a PHMY531 course in our lab.

March 2012: Kwan-Young and Jerry present their research at the 243rd National ACS Meeting in San Deigo, CA.

Februay 2012: Robert Gharavi from the University of Maryland PharmD program conducts a PHMY531 course in our lab.

February  2012: Jerry’s research on novel alpha-helix mimetics as inhibitors of Bcl-xL is published in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry: “Relaxation of the rigid backbone of an oligoamide-foldamer-based α-helix mimetic: identification of potent Bcl-xL inhibitors.

December 2012: The lab’s review article on the inhibition of dimeric transcription factor is accepted in Medicinal and Chemical Communications.

June 2011: Jerry’s second publication is accepted in Tetrahedron Letters on “Ortho-selectivity in the nucleophilic aromatic substitution (SNAr) reactions of 3-substituted, 2,6-dichloropyridines with alkali metal alkoxides.” Congratulations!

June 2011: Rosene Salmon, Caryn Gordon and Troy Dukes join the lab as summer interns.

April 2011: Kwan-Young Jeong joins us as a post-doc from Johns Hopkins University.

April 2011: Jay Chauhan joins us as a post-doc from the University of Minnesota.

April 2011: Congratulations to Jerry for winning first prize for his poster at the University of Maryland Graduate Research Conference!

March 2011: We have a new home! The move to Pharmacy Hall North is complete.

February 2011: Sagar Shukla from the University of Maryland PharmD program conducts an Apex424 course in our lab.

December 2010: The lab is awarded a New Pharmacy Faculty Research Award from the American Association of the Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP).

October 2010: Jerry’s first publication is accepted in ChemMedChem. Congratulations!

April 2010: The lab’s first paper is accepted in Tetrahedron Letters.

September 2009: The Fletcher Lab begins.