Left to right: Maryanna Lanning, Jay Chauhan, Ellis Whiting, Phil Sabato, Jerry Yap, Lee Chen, Steven Fletcher and Kwan-Young Jeong

Current Lab Members

Jerry Jeremy (Jerry) Yap
Graduate Student
Jerry graduated with a BS degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in June 2008. He is currently working on the development of synthetic alpha-helix mimetics to inhibit the oncoproteins Mcl-1 and Bcl-xL. Also, Jerry is designing novel compounds to inhibit the assembly of the oncoprotein c-Myc into its transcriptionally active coiled coil heterodimer with its obligate partner Max.
Jay Jamal (Jay) Chauhan
Post-doctoral Research Associate
Jay joins us from the University of Minnesota after having completed his PhD at the University of Bath (2004) in the UK. He is developing beta-strand mimetics to disrupt protein-protein interactions involved in disease, particularly HIV-1 protease. Current targets include HIV-1 protease and the oncogenic Pak1-Cdc42 interaction. In addition, Jay is creating anti-malarial Plasmodium falciparum farnesyltransferase inhibitors that exploit novel and metabolically-stable zinc binding groups (ZBGs).
Kwan-Young Kwan-Young Jeong
Post-doctoral Research Associate
Kwan-Young joins us from Johns Hopkins University after having graduated with a PhD from Gwangsu Institute of Science & Technology (2009) in South Korea. As well as developing novel, synthetic alpha helix mimetics to disrupt protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions involved in disease, Kwan-Young is preparing non-ATP-dependent small molecule inhibitors of extracellular signal-related kinase (ERK), which is hyperactivated in a large number of cancers.

Former Lab Members

Sagar Shukla
PharmD Student

Shilpa Worlikar
Post-doctoral Research Associate