Natalie D. Eddington

Natalie D. Eddington, PhD, became dean of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in August 2007. Dean Eddington, an alumna of the School, was formerly chair of its Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Natalie D. Eddington, PhD, FAAPS, FCPDr. Eddington graduated summa cum laude with a BS in pharmacy in 1982 from Howard University. She earned her PhD from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in 1989 and, after working as assistant director of new drug development at Pfizer Inc., joined the faculty in 1991. She was appointed director of the School of Pharmacy’s Pharmacokinetics/Biopharmaceutics Laboratory in 1999, and became chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2003. As chair, she guided the launch of the Center for Nanomedicine and Cellular Delivery, which brings together a collection of scientists to find new and better ways of providing pharmaceutical treatment. It is the School of Pharmacy’s first Organized Research Center.

Dr. Eddington is a nationally known expert in drug delivery and pharmacokinetics, the movement of drugs in the body. Her research focuses on cancer therapy and treatments for disorders of the central nervous system. Her work has been supported by funding from the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Her honors and awards include a “National Women of Color All Star Award” in 2006 from the National Women of Color in Technology Conference, a “Mentor Recognition Award” from the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society in 2005, and the “Outstanding Service as an External Scientific Advisory Committee Member Service Award” from the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Minority Biomedical Research Support Program in 2004.