Dr. Noel is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and clinical pharmacy specialist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, where he practices on an adult general cardiology service.

About Dr. Noel

Dr. Zachary Noel obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy in Lexington, KY. He completed both his pharmacy practice and cardiology specialty residencies at the UK HealthCare in Lexington, KY. He is a board certified cardiology pharmacist. Currently, he is a Doctorate of Philosophy candidate in the Health Professions Education program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Graduate school in Baltimore, MD.

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Noel’s practice research interests include arrhythmias and anticoagulation. His educational research interests include active learning in pharmacy education and the use of technology in pharmacy education. He is a member of the Applied Therapeutics, Research, and Instruction at the University of Maryland (ATRIUM) collaborative, which focuses on the advancement of pharmaceutical care provided to patients with cardiovascular disease.

Contact Information

Zachary R. Noel, PharmD, BCCP
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Science
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
20 North Pine Street, S427
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-706-5819
Email: znoel@rx.umaryland.edu
Twitter: @ZNoelPharmD