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Lab Lunch with 2019 Summer Intern Students @ UMB-BioPark (July 2019): [from left to right] Sylvia (Intern, Bryn Mawr High School), Matthew (G1), Steve (Intern, UMBC), Andrew (G1), Jordan (G3), Joel (G4), and Sarah (P.I.) – Photo by Kiwon

Sarah is giving a talk at ISABC (International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry) held in Japan (June 2019)

2019 FBCIS (the 12th Annual Frontiers in Chemistry and Biology Interface Symposium) @ NIH (May 2019): [from left to right] Kiwon (G4), Andrew (G1 rotation), Sarah (P.I.), Matthew (G1 rotation), Jordan (G3)

Goodbye Lunch for Dr. Heather Neu (April 2019): [From left to right] Kiwon (G4), Jordan (G3), Heather (Postdoc), Joel (G4), and Sarah (P.I.)

Lab lunch with SJ and current members (Feb 2019): [from left to right] Kiwon (G4), Jordan (G3), Joel (G4). Heather (Postdoc), SJ (the 1st graduate student of the lab), Sarah (P.I.)

Lab Dinner with Geoff at Hampden, Baltimore (Dec 2018): [left to right] Serge (P3), Sarah (P.I.), Geoff (Current PostDoc@JHU), Kiwon (G4), Joel (G4), Heather (PostDoc), Jordan (G3)

2018 Maryland STEM Career Fair for Girls at The Bryn Mawr School (Oct 2018): [left to right] Bryan (G1 rotation), Ashley (G3, OS lab), Kyle (G1 rotation), Joel (G4), Sarah (P.I.)

Last day Lunch with Summer Intern students (July 2018): [left to right] Sarah (P.I.), Kyle (G1 early rotation), Eugena (Bryn Mawr School), Julie (UMBC), Kiwon (G3), Heather (Postdoc), Joel (G3), Jordan (G2)

Geoff is back for his graduation (May 2018): Congratulations, Dr. Geoffrey Shimberg!

2018 FCBIS (Frontiers in Chemistry and Biology Interface Symposium) at UPenn (May 2018) [left to right]; Joel (G3), Heather (PostDoc), Sarah (P.I.), Kiwon (G3), Jordan (G2)

Science Show at Roland Park Elementary School (Mar 2018): Jordan is demonstrating a burning but not a burnt dollar, and Sarah is watching his show.

Holiday Party (Dec 2017): [left to right] Kiwon (G3), Jorge (G1 rotation), Sarah (P.I. in the phone), Jordan (G2), Joel (G3), Heather (PostDoc)

Maryland STEM Career Fair for Girls at The Bryn Mawr School (Oct 2017) [left to right] Jordan (G2), Sarah (P.I.), Joel (G3)

Holiday Party (Dec 2016)

Holiday Party (Dec 2016): [Front left to right] Izzy(P1), Geoff(G5), Heather(Postdoc), Barbara(Visiting scientist), Sarah Michel(P.I.)  [Back left to right] Merton(P1), Jordan(G1-rotation), Joel(G2), Anne(P3), Kiwon(G2).

Michel group

Michel Lab (Nov 2015): [From left to right] Sharmila(G1-rotation), Joel(G1-rotation), Sarah Michel(P.I.), Kiwon(G1-rotation), Kanisha(M.S.), Deji(P4), Andong(P4), Sanchari(P1), Heather(Postdoc).

Michel Lab May 2013_3

Michel Lab (May 2013): [From left to right] Geoff, Sarah, Angelique, Jamie

Abby&Sarah_Abby Grad 2

Abby’s hooding ceremony (May 2013).


Group party!


Sarah's group lunch

Sarah Evans’ group lunch.
Good luck in your new faculty position at Canisius college!


SJ's graduation

SJ returns for graduation (May 2011). Congratulations SJ, we’ll miss you!


SJ's lunch

SJ’s graduation lunch (May 2011).


The group surprises Sarah after she receives tenure (June 2010).


miche lab 2010

Michel Lab, 2010



Michel Lab, 2009



Michel Lab, 2005