David R. Goodlett, PhD, is a professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

David Goodlett, PhDAbout Dr. Goodlett:

Fundamentally, my interest in science revolves around the conundrum of protein structure-function relationships. Historically, I have used mass spectrometry to pursue this interest and, recently, this has led me to be involved in the investigation of early protein markers of lung diseases and leukemia classification, as well as use of chemical cross-linking to ascertain juxtaposed faces of interacting proteins.

Additionally, the structure-function relationships of lipid A as it pertains to human health have been investigated by my laboratory using mass spectrometry. All of these efforts are supported by several burgeoning technology projects in mass spectrometry and microfluidics, as well as software development to support structure analysis and –omic pipelines. The discovery based science projects within the laboratory are used to generate hypotheses complementary to those generated by literature review in support of our medical and biological collaborators. In general, we take an indolent driven approach to experimentation that seeks parsimony in data acquisition and interpretation.

For more information about my research and laboratory, please visit the Goodlett Laboratory website.

Contact Information:

David R. Goodlett, PhD
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
20 North Pine Street, Room N631
Baltimore, MD 21201
Email: dgoodlett@rx.umaryland.edu