Young Ah Goo


pic Young Ah Goo, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Associate Director, Mass Spectrometry Center
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
20 N. Pine Street, Room N719
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410.706.3380
Fax: 410.706.0886

About Dr. Goo:

Research interests: Proteomics Biomarker Discovery

Young Ah Goo joined the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PSC) as a research assistant professor and an associate director of the Mass Spectrometry Center in 2013. Her research focuses on use of mass spectrometry-based proteomics applications to study biological questions, applying global systems approaches with focus towards the discovery of diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets for human diseases. Prior to joining the PSC, she was a clinical assistant professor in the School of Nursing at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle, where her research focused on study of chronic pain syndromes, including interstitial cystitis, HIV/AIDS fatigue syndrome, and irritable bowel syndrome. She conducted her post-doctoral fellowship at the Institute for Systems Biology, where she worked in the prostate cancer research group and the proteomics group affiliated with Drs. David Goodlett and Ruedi Aebersold. She earned her PhD in genome sciences/pathobiology with Dr. Leroy Hood at UW, where she gained expertise in functional genomics employing microarray based transcriptome analysis, cloning, and sequencing. Her training expanded into proteomics using mass spectrometry and ultimately adopting systems biology approach studying the complex mechanisms of Archaeal Extremophiles during her PhD.