Peer Reviewed Journals

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Scholarly Work Published in Other Media

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Funded Research Projects

Tran D. Team Up Pressure Down with a Dietitian Twist. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy/Food Marketing Institute Foundation Health and Wellness/Pharmacy Practice Ideation (HWPPI) Award. $5000.  2013-2014.


“CLIA-Waived Cholesterol Point-of-Care Tests for Community Pharmacies” Symposia program – Molecular Med Tri-Con 2017, San Francisco, CA, Feb 2017

“Mission Impossible: Precepting the Rogue Student”
Continuing Education: American Pharmacists Association NP LIFE, Washington DC, July 2016.

“Guardians Against the Micro Galaxy”
Continuing Education: Mid-Atlantic Regional American Society of Consultant Pharmacists 2017, Baltimore, MD, Aug 2017.