Dr. Rochester-Eyeguokan has supervised a number of pharmacy residents as part of her involvement with the University of Maryland Residency and Fellowship Program.

Current and Previous Residents:

  Resident Training Type Years Under Supervision Current Status or Professional Position
Paul Solinsky, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2017/2018 Current Resident
Lauren Grecheck, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2016/2017 Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy
miklich Margaret Miklich, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2015/2016 Assistant Professor, Temple University
coleman-drury Rachel Coleman-Drury, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2014/2015 Care Coordination Pharmacist, Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin
schartel Amanda Schartel, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2013/2014 Assistant Professor, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
patel Roshni Patel, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2012/2013 Jefferson School of Pharmacy, Assistant Professor/Clinical Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
hadley Diane Hadley, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2011/2012 Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, Assistant Professor/Clinical Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
hahn Nicole Hahn, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2010/2011 Kaiser Permanente, Colorado, Clinical Pharmacist Specialist in Neurology
deyo  Zachariah “Zach” Deyo, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2009/2010 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Adjunct Assistant Professor/Clinical Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
leon Nicholas Leon, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2008/2009 Jefferson School of Pharmacy, Associate Professor/Clinical Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
lounsbery Jody Lounsbery, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2007/2008 University of Minnesota, Assistant Professor/Clinical Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
choy Christine Choy, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2006/2007 Food and Drug Association (FDA)
Ellina Max, PharmD Ellina Max, PharmD PGY2 Residency 2005/2006 UNC Hospital Clinical Pharmacist

Resident Get-Togethers:




Pictured from Left to Right: Roshni Patel, Maggie Miklich, Diane Hadley, and Nicholas Leon (Past residents who are all current faculty in Philadelphia meeting for dinner)